Within a walking distance from the Kosola House are located all the shops, cafés, restaurants, accommodation facilities and attractions of the Lapua city centre:

Next to the Kosola House (in a distance of 0.1 km), on the other side of the river, is the Lapua Cathedral. The church was built in 1827, and it was designed by Carl Ludwig Engel. Engel also designed the Helsinki Cathedral, the Government Palace, the main building of the University of Helsinki, and the National Library, among other things.

The lovely Jokilaakso Garden Centre is within a walking distance of 0.3 km. The beautiful area accommodates thousands of flowering plants, a collection of special conifers, old-time roses, an orchard, and site of berry-producing shrubs.  

One of the field battles of the Finnish War related to the Napoleonic Wars in 1808–09 was fought in Lapua. The memorial of the battle is located 0.5 km away from the Kosola House. The Swedes (mostly Finnish soldiers) won the battle against the Russians on 14 July 1808. Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, was born on 14 July 1977 and was named after the victorious Battle of Lapua. 

A garden for travelers in Lapua

The lovely Jokilaakso Garden Centre

Cultural Centre Vanha Paukku is located 0.9 km away. It is a former cartridge factory that currently accommodates an art museum, among other things, as well as an art gallery, photography museum, lunch restaurant, café, and a shop by Lapua Kankurit (selling textile products woven from linen and wool). The Lapua Theatre is also located in the cultural centre, and a jolly river boat cruise departs from the centre’s shore in summer.

Lapua map


There are plenty of other places in Lapua and the surrounding area where you can enjoy the wonderful nature and various nature activities, culture, shopping, good food and drink, and the beautiful scenery of the riverside. Plan a car trip, attractions such as the following can be found nearby: 

Finland’s largest amusement part Powerpark (in Alahärmä, 30 min / during summer)

– Duudsonit Activity Park, by The Dudesons  (Seinäjoki 25 min)

– The heart-warming Wanha Markki animal retirement home (Ylistaro 20 min / during summer)

– Internationally acclaimed rye whisky distillery Kyrö Distillery (Isokyrö 35 min)

– Alvar Aalto Architecture Centre (Seinäjoki 25 min)

– Finland’s biggest department store Veljekset Keskinen (Töysä 1 h)

– Ähtäri Zoo  (Ähtäri 1 h 15 min)

– The idyllic old wooden towns on the Ostrobothnian coast (especially Kokkola & Kristiinankaupunki)

– Lake Lappajärvi, which was formed in a meteorite impact crater 

Kvarken Archipelago UNESCO World Heritage Site

– Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark 

In summertime in particular, South Ostrobothnia is full of various kinds of festivals, open-air theatres, and other large and small events! You can find out more about the wide range of offerings on the Visit Lakeus and Visit Vaasa websites.

Most Finns speak English, and Swedish is also spoken fluently on the coastal area in particular. At the Kosola House, we speak more or less both. 

Animal retirement home near Kosola house

The heart-warming Wanha Markki animal retirement home.