Kosola House - For the Sake of Splendour

We have a two and a half storey, traditional Ostrobothnian house in the middle of a beautiful cultural landscape. The house has a unique story, and it is surrounded by a very distinctive province.


The house is currently being thoroughly restored, and the Ostrobothnia Heritage Centre will be developed in it. This will be the beginning of a new story for the house.

Meillon blogi, johona kerrotahan mitä kulloonkin on meneellänsä. Sitä kannattaa seurata, jos taloon kunnostuksen eteneminen ja pohojalaasuus kiinnostaa. Täs kerrotahan kans, koska taloos järiestetähän sellaasia tapahtumia joihin on mukava osallistua.

For the sake of splendour. That is what the large, traditional Ostrobothnian houses were originally built for anyway. We are developing the house as a cultural tourism and building heritage site. We also want to encourage others to renovate traditional log buildings in a way that respects the values they carry.

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