Love of old houses and fascinating stories is a driving force for us. At the Kosola House, we also want to offer our guests experiences that have a meaning and purpose. We value sustainability and naturalness, authenticity and robustness, the local way of life, and the vitality of the countryside. We believe that an increasingly larger number of people share these values with us.

Taina Hautamäki


My job description is versatile. I search for and produce information, rush from place to place, organise, develop, try to solve problems – and create new ones. I have taken on the job of spending Jari’s money. In addition, I serve as the hostess and tell stories you haven’t heard before and will not hear elsewhere.

Jari Vesanen

Owner, Enterpreneur

Earns money as much as he can to get the house ready, business started, and the losses covered someday. Loves old Ostrobothnian houses honestly, not just in grand speeches. Jokes about money and then wipes the cold sweat from his forehead when he thinks that no one can see.