Kosola Tavern

Kosola Tavern

The historical tavern at the Kosola House, which stands as a landmark in Lapua, is open again after a hundred-year break. The extensive restoration of the house is now ready as far as the tavern is concerned, and it now houses an open-to-order cafe and restaurant. Restaurant services at the Kosola tavern are provided by the award-winning Juurella restaurant managed by Jani Unkeri & Miia Keski-Nikkola from Seinäjoki that is renowned for its dishes made from local ingredients. Cafe and lunch services are provided by gourmet baker and cafe entrepreneur Olli Lahdensuo from Lapua.

The tavern accommodates from 63 to 80 customer places on the ground floor and 15 in the top floor meeting room.

The restoration that was started in the spring of 2020 will continue in other parts of the house for the time being. Until more premises are ready, the tavern premises will also serve as facilities for family parties, business events, and the events arranged in the house. The history of the house is exceptionally fascinating and diverse. Storytellers Heli Karhumäki and Taina Hautamäki will give made-to-order guided history tours.

The house complex was built in its place on the bank of River Lapuanjoki in three stages, the earliest of which dates back to the 18th century. In 1861, changes were made on top of the structures of this oldest part of the house, from which the lower wing section of the house, the current tavern, was eventually built. In 1887, a two and a half storey house facing the riverbank was built diagonally next to it, and in 1959, the two houses were merged with connecting passages and stairs into a complex of about 700 square metres and 24 rooms.

For the time being, the tavern is only open by reservation for groups. Regular opening hours for weekends are planned for the summer! We occasionally arrange events that are open to everyone and can also be attended by individual visitors. Ask for dates!

Contact information:
Address: Kosolankatu 1, 62100 LAPUA, FINLAND
Telephone: Enquiries and reservations: Heli Karhumäki, tel. +358 40 172 3606
E-mail: heli.karhumaki@kosolantalo.fi