The Story of Vihtori & Eelin Kosola

The big Ostrobothnian peasant house by the waterfront of Lapua River has an exceptionally colorful history.

The house and its inhabitants played a key role in Finland’s independence, participating in the Jaeger recruitment 1916-17, where Finnish men secretly left for Germany to acquire military skills. The Kosola folks purchased and hid weapons, and were involved both in the disarmament of the Russians and in the White Guard Movement. In the turbulent early years of independence, with the advent of the anti-communist Lapua Movement, the house was a focal point on the nation’s political map known to all contemporaries.

What kind of man was Vihtori Kosola?
What kind of life did Vihtori and his wife Eelin live in Kosola?

We have restoration going on. First part of it is getting completed but in other parts work still continues. During the visit you can see different restoration phases ongoing.

To be noticed:

  • As a worksite, Kosolan talo is not suitable for small children
  • The sight is not entirely accessible: stairs and steps
  • Good shoes are recommended
  • Safety instructions are to be followed at all times


  •  1 – 1,5 h

Pricing 2022:

  • 20 persons or more; 13.10 €/person
  • 10-19 persons; 23,85 €/person
  • 5-9 persons; 39,80 €/person

Can be tailored according to wishes, for example:

by including coffee and/or dining

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